E-Power system by HTE

The E-power by HTE was designed to provide Negative Potential Energy with High Frequency Resonance.

A Russian scientist discovered that the main cause of aging and eventual death of the human body is due to the lack of ATP composition. An American Biologist discovered that negative potential activates the ATP Enzyme and helps with the composition of ATP ATP's (ademosine triphospates) are energy-carrying molecules found in the cells of all livingthings. ATP transports chemical energy within cells for your metabolism. It is an energy source that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive!

Using your body as a capacitor, E-Power creates an internal energy that will balance and revitilize you. E-Power was designed using modern technology including universal medicine, biology of micro molecule and electronics. It combines the actions of negative potential, and high frequency.

Invented by Yiteng Xianzhi of Japan it was approved by famous specialists in several well known medical universities in Japan, It has had notable results in improving the function of organs and limiting illnesses.

E-Power activated cells and breaks through traditional medicine to improve functions of the main 8 systems. It is suitable for everyone in the family.

The E-Power was designed to provide negative potential energy with high frequency energy, it's a technology that combines theories of modern medical science, electronics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the biology of micro-molecules.

Using your body as a capacitor, E-Power creates an internal energy that will balance and revitalize you. The E-power was invented by Yiteng Xianzhi of Japan who is the inventor of the electrocardiograph and the electroencephalogram.

Caution: Do not use if you have a pacemaker, are menstruating, are pregnant, have a high fever, have implants of silicon or gel, with metallic items such as badges, jewelry or watch, if you have consumed alcohol within 1 hour. You also need to drink one full glass of water one hour before and one hour after using the E-Power.

Technical Parameters:

No.: HBM-618
AC Voltage: 110V,220 V
Input Power: 18W+20%
Power Supply Frequency: 50-60Hz
High Frequency: 70 KHz + 10%
High: 2500 + 100 V
Middle: 2300 + 100 V
Low: 1900 + 100 V

Negative Potential:
High: -1000 + 100 V
Middle: -800 + 100 V
Low: -600 + 100 V
Time Setting: 0, 30, 60, or 90 minutes
Weight (approx.): 7.6 Pounds
Waist Belt Size (approx.): 57.2 x 6.8 inches
Test Pen Size (approx.): 7.1 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches
Dimension (approx.): 12.7 x12.5 x 6.5 inches

Warning! Do Not Use:

If you have a pacemaker
If you’re menstruating
If you’re pregnant
If you have a high fever
With metallic items such as badges or jewelry
If you have implants of gel or silicon or transplant organs
Heart Problems or tumors
Drink alcohol within 1 hr .

Please consult a doctor before use!

You must remove all electronic items from yourself including cellular phones, handheld computers, games, calculators, etc. You must remove all metallic items such as badges, jewelry or watches.

Recommendations & Precautions:

It is necessary to drink 1 glass of water 1-hour before the treatment and 1 glass of water 1-hour after the treatment. This time frame and the amount of water you drink will affect your results.
It is recommended, if you use E-Power more than twice a day, that you use it in multiples of 30 minutes, i.e., 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute intervals.
People who have kidney problems should not use E-Power too much in the beginning, but can use more frequently once the medical condition improve.
Please consult with your doctor before starting any new health regimens.

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